dandi : patches

Pack of 10 patches

The Only Available All-in-One Sweat Solution

There is no other sweat product as advanced as dandi® patch. Ergonomically designed for men and women to the shape of the armpit sweat gland, dandi® patch ensures optimum results. The sweat patch is ultra-thin making it as discreet as possible, and the clear surround is made with a skin-friendly adhesive. Here are just some of the reasons why you should try dandi® patch today…

Sweat Marks and Sweat Stains:

    • Guarantees no sweat marks.
    • Protects against yellow sweat stains under the arms of garments.
    • Allows you to confidently wear coloured clothing, white shirts, and materials that often show sweat.

Armpit Odour:

    • The patch is fully sealed trapping in all armpit odour.
    • No antiperspirant or deodorant needed.


    • Paraben and aluminium free, removing concerns about the links between these chemicals to Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer.
    • Could be a suitable alternative for people who have an allergic reaction or experience irritation from antiperspirants and deodorants.


    • dandi® patch is the only skin adhesive sweat patch that is fully sealed.
    • Easy to apply, comfortable to wear and painless to take off.
    • Super thin and discreet under the arm – suitable under a variety of garments including shirts and dresses as well as items made of delicate materials such as lace, chiffon and silk.


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